Can I bring my pet to Run Wild Whatcom?

       Yes, your well behaved and leashed dog is welcome at the event.  Just make sure you keep him or her leashed at all times and pick up after your pet.


Can my child run with me during the event?

       Yes, your child can run a relay leg or the solo event with you.  This is a family fun event, and that can be pretty fun!  Your child may be better at finding gnomes than you are.  We will not charge a registration fee for children accompanying their parents.


How far will I be running? 

     There is no set distance, since it is up to you to plan your route through the park.  However, I believe 5 miles is a reasonable estimate for most people.  You may at times choose to run further to find a gnome!  Remember, you may visit the three token points in any order you wish, and you do not need to check back in at the start/finish area until you are done!  Relay team members will run 1.5-2 miles each.  You will most certainly benefit from some route planning and practice ahead of time! 


Can I run the Kids' Derby Dash with my child?

     Yes, of course you can!  The Derby Dash course (about 1 mile) will be well marked with arrows, and there will be a volunteer assigned to "sweep" the course, just to make sure noone is left behind with the gnomes.  However, if your child is very young, or is unfamiliar with Whatcom Falls Park, or just enjoys your company, please feel free to accompany her or him!