A Hamster Endurance Running Event


Run Wild Bellingham is a totally different kind of adventure race.  Part race, part scavenger hunt, part route finding, part Halloween celebration.  You'll start at our main start/finish area, and visit three points within Whatcom Falls Park, collecting a token at each.  The order in which you choose to visit the points, and the route you take is up to you, as long as you stay within the boundaries.

All proceeds from Run Wild Bellingham go to Wild Whatcom, a quality youth outdoor education experience in Bellingham.  For more information about Wild Whatcom, visit their website at wildwhatcom.org.


The Course:

The entire event takes place within the boundaries shown on the map  (just click on the "Map" tab to view).    Basically, its Whatcom Falls Park, as bounded by Electric Avenue, Lakeway Drive, Woburn Street, and Alabama Street.   You'll be responsible for knowing your way around the park and for staying within the boundaries. 

In order to complete the run, you will have to collect tokens from three different points:

1.  The Northwest corner of Bayview Cemetary, on the trail that borders the North side of the cemetary.

2.  The far Northeast corner of Whatcom Falls, at Alabama and Electric

3.  The top of the 105 steps at the East edge of the park

Each of these points is marked on the map (see Map tab).



1.  Individual - an individual entrant can visit the three points in whatever order he or she wishes, and need not return to the main start/finish area until all three tokens are collected.   The runner may take any trails he or she chooses to reach the points, as long as park boundaries are respected. 

2.  Relay Team - As a three person relay team, runners must each be responsible for completion of one point, and return to the main start/finish area to tag their teammate.

3.  Kids Race - There will be a "Derby Dash" just prior to the start of the main race.  Children 14 and under are invited to participate.  The course will take runners in a clockwise direction from the parking lot by the playground around Derby Pond.  The course is approximately one mile, and will be well marked.



1.  Runners must stay on trails; absolutely no bushwhacking!  But remember, gnomes may be hiding on some of the less obvious trails.

2.  Runners must follow pedestrian/traffic rules at any street crossings.  There will be no flaggers on course.

3.  Runners must stay within the boundaries at all times. 

4.  Runners may use the sidewalks along the boundary streets, but only on the park side of the street.  For example, runners may run along the sidewalk on the park side of Alabama.

5.  Have fun!



As you run, you'll encounter Gnomes in the woods!  Each time you see one, and ask for a token, you'll get an extra token worth one full minute off of your time for the race.  These guys may not always be on the main trail, and may move around a bit during the event, so keep your eyes open; its up to you spot them and ask for your tokens.    If you are really aware, you'll find some clues to help you find the gnomes.  You are encouraged to be creative in the route you choose to a particular station! 


Start Times:

The kids event will start at 9:00am.  The main event will begin at 10:00am.